I’m a cosmo Girl, in a cosmo world!

I thin k I have gained weight again, either that or I haven’t gotten rid of my water weight again. I am drinking tons of water and still low carbing. Low carbs do work well but I have been cheating badly I guess, colds do make you crave comfort food. Ah well, at least this diet makes it easy to drop it off again. Cosmo wrote an article about ideal beauty, apparently there is a hip to waist ratio that makes you irresistible to men… Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Marilyn Monroe all have the same ratio (despite being different sizes) the ratio is worked out by dividing your waist measurement by your hips measurement then multiplying by 100. If your measurement is between 75 and 80 you are guaranteed to be attractive to men apparently. Mine is 78 woohoo! Cosmo has really tried to work on body image and an all sizes all beautiful policy. Its a good thing. I know I am bang on average (a little smaller) but the media still makes me feel huge. It is refreshing to see in a major magazine. They even use real women in fashion shoots. This is what we want to see! I am thinking of getting a .mac account. It is expensive but it is really good. It seems to have tons of features. Now if I can just get my contacts across from my PC without too much pissfarting around it will all be good!

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