Inspiration for the day

Why are there no Space Operas about Space Operas? I am now thinking of writing a musical based on a sci fi story, perhaps Green Hills of Earth by Heinlein, I already started penning a complex piece (in my brain – it sounds good in my brain – who knows in real life) to the green hills of earth poem and there are many others, I think the story might lend itself, but I will have to investigate further. It will have wailing guitars though. This strikes me as important to a space opera.

there is slight problem in that I am not very good at composition, but apparently sibelius can help with orchestral scoring. Anyway it’s entertainment right?

eh. The problem with having a brain like my dad’s is that I have constant ideas, but most of them are shite. Oh well.

that reminds me I need to investigate singles sites for my next net plan. I am going to write a business plan as I think it may actually have merit. I would brainstorm here but I don’t know if the creative commons license will prevent it from being stolen and I think this one is a doozy! If I say myself anyway.

that’s the other problem with having a brain like this. Something is shiny and fun for 2 second then the next thing is. It is probably a defense mechanism so that I don’t drive everyone completely crazy.

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