It has come to my attention that, although I regret taking so much time away from Painting it has been very beneficial for my art. To quote a brilliant book – “waiting is filled” I think I may have made the transition from “competent draftsman” to “artist”. Let me explain. My previous style involved copying from a photograph or life and trying to duplicate it exactly. This has done wonders for my eye and my skill but nothing as an artist. Now I take things and am starting to ad my own artistic license. I am starting to use texture and strokes to add to the emotion of the piece.

it seems to me that a technically excellent reproduction of a photograph does not leave room for interpretation and evocation. I am duplicating not genuinely creating. I started to stagnate in my style and took a hiatus. I never meant for it to be as long but I guess waiting is. I am now learning to take the subject and make it my own, using the techniques I have learned and turning them on their heads.

ok. So this seems obvious to most people but I think that it is something highly personal that needs to come of its own. I also have leaned to paint via the time tested method of studying other artists techniques and copying them. This is the historical method of learning and it has given me a good eye and excellent technique. I now seem to have grown into a style, it may not be my own yet but I can see it emerging and it is very very fun!

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