Mac Luuuurve

the more I use my Mac the more I love its simplicity, its superior speed and handling and its complete lifestyle. I have been a avid PC user for so many years but I got so sick of all the spyware and virus’ and fell in love with the elegance of Macs both in the OS and the machines themselves.

I have been downloading cute toys to play with, like delicious library and Pzizz. I also love the proteus chat client, its interactivity with my Mac address book and the look puts it over fire in my opinion. I will send links for all these things in my next posts with some further descriptions.

One thought on “Mac Luuuurve

  1. Hey 🙂
    See, see?! Isn’t the Mac lov-er-ly? 🙂 I’m going to get me a pretty, pretty powermac soon (prob 2nd hand… I can give it a good home. Uh, I will love it like my very own. Hmmm. is it possible I have a little, little problem…?
    How you doin, anyway? Are you your usually sparky, spectacular self? 🙂
    Oh! I finally got a livejournal. Please feel free to read it and tell me I have many, many issues. OK?

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