*Twiddles Thumbs*

oy, for some reason everything creative comes to a halt during my cycle. it’s like I am artistically constipated. No, really I think everything creative with me is hooked directly into my hormones. I cant sing properly (it feels like I am singing through a muffler), I am useless psychically and I cannot paint to save myself. I cant even visualize. all I can do is try to plan the next thing and not force it. anyway, In other News a friend (and fellow Artist!) has suggested that I call the sepia man ‘Aftermath’. and I love it! so that is his new title – it has been updated in Flickr.

I am looking at new printers and hounding all the geeks I know, they must be sick of it now, but I am so sick of getting shite printers so I really really want the right one for me.

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