Art Theory

I was having a great talk with Liam over Japanese (mm Shira Nui in Glen Waverley, excellent Japanese food and Sake) and we were discussing the nature of art. And we came up with the grand unified food theory of art. (ok but I needed a grand Title). I feel that every artist needs to define art for themselves and this is mine.

Art is like a great meal, there should be many levels, some on the surface and some below and can be appreciated on any of them. It should be able to stand on any level on its own and should be personal to each individual. But the more levels someone feels the better it is and the more levels and the more people you can touch – even better still!

this led to the theory that Shock art is like a cheapo food place down the corner. It does make you feel but what it makes you feel is food poisoning. This isn’t really a genuine emotional feeling when you get down to it (except for the inevitable death wish).

ok bear in mind that we were eating a really great meal at the time and were thouroghly enjoying it. So everything was food related!

Art is what moves you and makes you feel. Art can be music, or a good book, a painting or a good meal, it could be a movie or anything really, any creative expression. It can be anything that speaks to you and can mean whatever you make of it. A simple landscape may make one person think of the place they grew up and another person a horrible nightmare they had, but it still speaks to them in an individual voice and that is what truly counts.

I think a true piece of art has its own voice, it speaks to the people who see it and says something to their souls. I realize this is kindof wanky but I really do believe that art is a highly individual communication device. I guess what makes great art is something that speaks to everyone who sees it. Anyway, I am still working out the kinks in this theory.

No I don’t know if I follow it yet. I guess I feel that this is something for Great Art! I am just trying for art right now. If I can make people feel on one level that will be a really great start.

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