Kittens and painting do not mix. This is evidenced by:

  • attacking the back of the canvas to get at the scratchy noises
  • poking a head around the wet paint to see what mommy is doing (getting paint on our cheeks)
  • chewing brush ends
  • trying to attack the moving scratchy thing
  • walking in the shiny stuff and putting little orange and Naples yellow pawprints all over the table.
  • doing most of these at once

I hate putting her in the bedroom but it is necessary, she does not seem to learn or realize that she will get bopped with paint brushes (despite the evidence) or hauled out by the scruff and scrubbed on the cheeks and paws with yucky smelling stuff then rinsed ruthlessly.

I am evil and mean.

Kodachi is truly the proverbial cat of curiosity fame. She doesn’t seem to connect consequences with her actions. Or that some actions, which weren’t allowed 5 minutes ago and were punished, are not allowed now. In other cases she is abnormally bright, she actually worked out the torch trick and went for the hand controlling the torch (and every time since). But I worry because she doesn’t have a cats normal sense of danger and oil paints and solvents are poisonous!

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