When to let go

This piece is not working no matter what I do. its an interesting abstracted piece and seems to have a slight social commentary emerging but my technique is everywhere and the anatomy and color isn’t popping. When it is finally completed it may well be a good piece but right now it is a bit of a shlock piece. it is simply Not Good Enough.

I am my own worst critic.

So I cant really decide whether to let it go for a bit and concentrate on some new subject matter, or to keep plugging away at him and treating him as a challenge.

Some of you may have heard me equate painting with childbirth and I frequently refer to them as my babies. Some of them are easy births and flow from a melding of brain/inspiration/arm/brush/canvas. Redhead is an example there, She emerged from my inspiration directly and everyting clicked. Then, there are the paintings like Aftermath that were long slow labors, but worth it.

This is where the selling issue is a slight problem.. one of the competitions I am entering I have to offer them for sale and I know Aftermath is one of the best paintings to enter, but I dont want to sell him! realistically I cant keep him either.

I need to be less attached to my works. 😛 I will run out of wall space soon. Plus, none of them really match our decor.

2 thoughts on “When to let go

  1. My advice to you would be to reprime your canvas (or board or whatever it is) and start again from scratch.
    Trying to fix a painting is a bit like trying to fix a soup you’ve put too much salt in.
    You can disguise it as best you can but it’s always going to be too salty.

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