Basically it all comes down to inspiration.

Nubian was not inspiring me and therefore I wasn’t doing a very good job. I have done a complete 180 and started something new and lo, the powers of art have returned!

I am starting on what will probably be a series inspired from my mothers travels in Vietnam. She took some really interesting photos and I am feeling beyond inspired to start on them.

My first subject is theis wonderful musician. he has so much character and the painting, even in the early stages, is popping already – you can see what he will become by my basic blocking and introuctory shading.

I am working again on tradtional techniques of oil painting which, unfortunately is a very slow process, but it is very effective. I am also practicing with oil washes to create different effects and unusual base glazes to bring out different colors and light effects.

In other News, Art Riot is having a very good sale at the moment, I have picked up some new pallette knives, were 6.99 now 2.99 and a nice set of hogshair brushes with a case for 9.99 was 16.99. I dont pay too much for brushes because I treat them very roughly. I have a few expensive sable brushes for my careful detail work but usually I just buy inexpensive hogshair and replace them as needed. They also have canvasses on sale. eraldo de paolo canvases which are quite nice, especially nicely stretched. it is my opinion that these canvases are not for framing but for creating nicely finished edges. there is nothing tackier than a badly finished canvas edge.

Sorry, I didn’t mean this to be an ad for Art Riot!

Ah well, I am off to photograph my pieces while the light is stil good…

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