Between coursework, pain and life I haven’t been painting as much as I want. Last night I made a decsion that while I love my Vietnamese musician (I feel like I know him now, I think his face is beautiful) I am regressing back to portraiture mode and beginning to lose some of the looseness I have gained. I also don’t really know where I am heading with him, I can’t find an ideal place for the instrument that won’t overweight the composition and his shirt is going nowhere. So I have put him aside for now and have started a new piece.

Liam and I were talking last night and came to the realization that my best works are really the ones that I have done quite fast. The reason for this, I think, is because if I work solidly and quickly I get caught up in inspiration and actual art ensues. If I allow my brain to intrude on the creative process I overanalyze and my works become a bit stilted and stiff. Early on, it was ok to use my brain while I was learning techniques and composition. Now, I need to rely on what I have learned and rely on my eye and detach my brain from the process.

I am also trying to move outside of my comfort zone a little. Working on subjects that aren’t necessarily immediately inspiring and working in different colors and textures. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but boy is it fun!

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