I see the Light!!

no really it’s the name of my latest assignment.

I got up at dawn today full of hope and excitement looking forward to taking the first of many shots exploting the light on an object in glen waverley.. no I didn’t actually, I left the bed kicking and screaming.

urg the things we do for art.

anyway I have done a range of shots during different light conditions (I am still hoping for some sun soon though) and I think they are pretty good. this isn’t due to me but to the really cool thing I was photographing. In a park in Glen Waverley, just off springvale rd, is a little park with an oval and a skate park and a playground. in the playground there is this space age wierd construction made of rope in geometric patterns – its a climbing frame and is very strange.

anyway, these are the ones I have so far. they arent too technical but they are for me, I think I am learning from my course already. the aim of this assignment was to explore the effect of different light on color – and I think it works for this.

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