Pink Nude – No idea what to call her yet.

This is just a quick photo but I think the image isn’t too bad.

What I was after with this was fluidity of shape and to make the skin glow. The location of the light source made it tricky but allowed for some really interesting experimentation of shading and color. My shadows are usually very blended and these are quite crisp and create a completely different, very contemporary look. I also experimented with using color to communicate different types of shadows. This is effective because it gives the appearance of shadows without being dark or losing the luminescence. Well I say all this now – none of this was going through my mind as I painted it – I was singing along to 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and mostly being detached from the artistic process. I did use my brain in the connexions of shapes. Everything relates to each other in a fluid motion.

Meaning-wise, I this this is quite a calm piece. despite the colors and the very strong shadows I think it is relaxed and smooth. its a little peaceful moment in time I guess.

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