Reading a friend’s guest post on another friends blog (got that? good!) made me think about our trip to Europe. I randomly wrote a really long comment which I didn’t mean to do as it was way to long and should have been mostly covered in a private email so I am sorry.

anyway, now I am nostalgic…

in 1993 our school ran a cultural tour of Europe exploring museums, art galleries, churches and theater. it was a blast – we started in Amsterdam (I was pissed because noone offered me any drugs-ok I was what 14? no excuse!) and migrated through Europe culminating in the UK. I cant really remember the exact itinerary.

anyway, there were so many brilliant memories (and some not so brilliant ones, I didn’t really fit in with the group very well – but it’s where RealKosh and I became good friends so that is good! misfits unite!) but this is an art blog so I will focus on my brillian artistic memories – for more memories there is a huge rambling comment on RealKosh’s post on Pah’s Blog.

Europe is a mecca for artists (possibly seconded by New York) I loved France and Italy especally, moving through landscapes that are like paintings grants a new apprecaition. the architecture and vistas around each bend were like paintings and a massive inspiration. plus, I am a art geek and an art history geek (best in the class!) so I loved every gallery filled minute!

I got to see, in real life, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the David, Guernica, Starry Night, the Mona Lisa, some sculptures by Degas and Rodin and many works by some of my favorite artists including Carravaggio and Lautrec! droool… it was like a huge artistic smorgasboard and one of the most pivotal times in my life and I am forever glad that I went. I couldn’t have been more excited if I was at a rock concert!

its sad really.

I am such an art geek.

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