Long time no post! This is a drawing from my coursework – the project is tone and the exercise was to draw a crumpled piece of paper. The interesting thing here is that it is actually painted in an ink wash which is one of the suggested media. In this subject ‘drawing’ means a variety of things. Mostly it is subjects on paper- it is so broadening! They really encourage us to expand our abilities and I feel that I am learning about composition and depicting the different natures of subjects in the same color and medium – a very subtle line! (and that was not an intended pun) I am also learning to work hard and well on subjects even if they don’t inspire me. Its funny, I would not have thought of depicting the subtle nuances of tone in rumpled paper particularly inspiring but it was very compelling. It was also rather meditative. I love the tiny subtleties of tone – a very challenging project.

One thought on “Paper

  1. I’ve seen quite a number of scrunched paper drawings, as it is such a classic drawing task, and I feel compelled to say that that’s one hell of a good scrunched paper drawing you have there, Jennie! You manage to have pleasing composition and all.

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