Busy Busy

I have been working frantically on my coursework. I have quite a bit due in just over a week. I have it almost in hand now but I am stressed still. The last projects were on Tone with a couple of collages. It turns out that collages are not a strong point. And do you have any idea how hard it is to create a white on white still life collage? I am still not happy with it but I will never go back and that’s a fact! I do want to rework some of my exercises and I hope I will have time (fingers crossed!)

anyway, last night I did my white on white collage, my black still life in black ink wash and my tonal drawing of one. It didn’t turn out so badly, except for my white on white which was an exercise in patience – something of which I am in short supply! The previous night I worked on my architectural collage which was another exercise in patience and frustration. All those tiny windows!! (not to mention the 3d effects on the windows… yeesh). It turned out kinda not bad. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. It works as a piece and a tonal exercise.

These two pieces are my black on black ink wash and my tonal drawing from it. The idea was to create a black on black tonal image from an all black still life then create a tonal drawing from the previous drawing (not the still life). The aim was to make the tonal drawing more dynamic and to clean up the composition. I think the composition is much tighter but I like the sharp lines of the original – I think they capture the high gloss of the vase better. There was an option to do this as a collage as well but I ran screaming.

Ah well, I have space and perspective to do now! Then mark making and I can submit my first folio. This is worth 50% (the next folio submission is worth the other half). I am mildly worried about how I will do, my last marks were very good (despite the drugs – who knew!) but I feel an need to equal or better my marks and that is a lot of pressure. For those playing the home game I got a Distinction in Photography and a High Distinction in Art History. I am thrilled!

Now if I could just enjoy the successes and not feel a need to change the goal posts. – the story of my life really!

One thought on “Busy Busy

  1. haha I remember doing that white on white collage – I found alot of things which were white but the photo didnt turn out very well (came here from your link at curtin forums)–>

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