Chop This!

That is the nominal title of this because that was what I kept thinking as I drew it. We had to pick a small object (or objects) and make it seem large. That way we examined what makes something appear huge. I figured that foreshortening and a submissive angle on the part of the viewer would make it seem bigger. The subject is a chop from my Chinese calligraphy set (no, I don’t have it engraved – does anyone know where to get one done?) it is about 3 inches tall.

I am quite pleased with the result here. Not only does it appear larger than life (by about 20x!!) but it is also quite menacing and Indiana jonesish. Believe it or not it is quite realistic even though we could use artistic license, I think I have just made it a little darker looking and enhanced the foreshortening and perspective a little. I used similar techniques to the last drawing but in this case it has made a very dark and foreboding image.

when I considered monumentality I considered what made something look big, ie the angle, then I considered what would make this item look big. Temples and huge stone carvings always seem so imposing and impressive, the sense of mass helps with the feeling of monumentality.

I am coming up to the time where I have to submit my folio and thoughts. That is why I am analyzing so much right now, I need to be prepared. I have almost finished my projects which should give me some time to go back over the ones I am not happy with and work on my submission. (I hope!)

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