Or tone and scale… This is a cityscape I did as part of an assignment in tone and scale. We were required to do this in a set order and manner (although the subject matter was our choice) we needed a landscape with a fore, middle and back ground and started with a page covered in charcoal. From there the idea was to start with highlights working back from the mid color, then to build up the darker tones from there. It was an interesting exercise, not just because I don’t really do landscapes but also for the many varied shapes. The city presented one series of issues, the bridge another, the grass and shadows were tough and the water – hey, nuff said. I enjoyed doing the overhanging tree though, very fun! I also felt it prepared me well for my next assignment – Scale and MONUMENTALITY!! (sorry, in my head that is a deep booming voice, an old movie announcer type – it needs dun, dun, Duuuun at the end…)

I don’t know if depth is portrayed quite as well as I hoped, but I am still reasonably happy with it. I need to work on the photo – for some reason the lighter ones are too light and don’t show enough detail or the dark ones are too shadowy on the corners. This is a mid one – ah well I will have to re-shoot them anyway

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