I had a very productive day yesterday with the completion of two excersises for class, handmade chicken mignons (and vegetables with cheese saue of doom!) and some substantial work done on my website.

Don’t look yet though because it has not been uploaded! it is in a half construction phase right now and a real mess. it should be completed tonight or tomorrow. depends whether I have to upload the hundreds of image files myself or if Jack can fix my FTP issues.

I am quite pleased with my final collages – they are quite wierd but I think they satisfy the project and I like the look of them. collage is wierd.

My meds have been upped again so I need to get cracking on my assignments so I don’t slip into lethargy.

Bugger – the washing machine just exploded. Guess I won’t be doing any assignment work for a little while…

2 thoughts on “Productive

  1. I love collage. These are great – I really like your colours. I’m studying at Curtin too, and saw your blog link on the discussion board so I thought I’d drop by and say hi. Hi.

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