Body Image

My latest exercises are studies of the body. This should be easy for me – right?

the project briefs require the artist to also be the subject.

Now, I hate my body. No matter what size it is I hate it. I have a long history of bulimia and nervosa and have been everything from a size 6 to a size 16. I am a size 10 these days which is quite slim but I don’t see any difference. I only ever see one size – too big. So when faced with the concept of drawing my naked body I was confronted with myriad body issues and of course the new issues of mobility and disability (as the assignments have requirements I cannot physically fulfill).

These assignments have required me to look quite laterally at the exercises and at myself. The one I did today I am quite happy with – it was an exercise in foreshortening and I think the shapes turned out quite well. The other exercise was not brilliant – it was supposed to be full size and the physical requirements made me do it a different way that I don’t think worked I was too emotionally invested. I will try it again later – I am going to work on brown paper. The one today was quite clinical – very grays anatomy – this helped me get past some body issues to create it properly with a certain amount of clinical attachment.

I have thought about this long and hard and will not be posting the images here. Tough. My dad reads this blog.

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