Body Parts

We also had an assignment to select a part of the body and enlarge it until it loses all associations. by this I mean until it becomes something else entirely – a whole different world in itself. I chose an ear as I hadn’t seen an ear yet (in the student galleries) and I haden’t really done an ear that I was satisfied with. I had done millions of hands and eyes – but no good ears. I think that this final work is very surreal. it loses its sense as an ear and becomes an alien landscape while remaining an ear. I like it. its wierd.

It also looks shiny which is interesting. unexpected, but interesting.

The Next assignment will be to complete a series of 3 small drawings with the body in space. exxaggerated and out of scale but in a space, landscape/architectural, real/imagined, doesn’t matter as long as it is a body in the space. the 3 works will be refining the original concept and have to be in 8×10 so really small. it should be interesting. that will be tomorrows task, I am thinking of using some of my photographs from Europe as landscape inspirations as some are very interesting and unusual. I am looking forward to it.

(what a silly thing to say, I enjoy all of my assignments! its so fun to be studying something that I enjoy and am good at) – I hope my next mark will be good too! – oh god, I just realized that everything is due in a week – better get cracking girl! actually I am almost done I have one more assignment in micro/macro then I am onto the last project in which there are 4 excersises. I alsready have some Ideas for some of them…

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