Body in Space

This assignment was for three very small pieces featuring the body in a space. it needed to have anomaly of scale and each piece needed to further refine the composition and solidify the body in the environment. I felt a need to choose a view from one of my Europe photos (for no reason other than I wanted an interesting space) and some photos I took of Liam after my fall a month or two ago.

I was really worried about this assignment as I felt I had overreached in the space for the size (8cm x 10cm!) but as I worked it in, following the instructions (space first then superimpose the body then refine) I reaized that the complexity of the space was what balanced the image. I simplified it and removed many unnecessary columns and rendering and I am quite pleased with the result! the second and third images both have a completely different feel but both are interesting pieces.

Have been working on my exhibition proposal for early next year and thinking about where I want to take the next one. I have some fun ideas. The more I think about all this the happier I feel. Unfortunately I ran up against a glitch with one particular gallery I was interested in. I forget that now I need to consider disabled access. bugger.

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