Warning! this is a pain induced brainstorming ramble!

I need to create a work that is in response to the word ‘street’. Then I need to re-work it in response to an artist who also has done a work about ‘street’ (in broad terms). I have chosen Smart (surprise surprise) because I love his work and I feel that his urban landscapes resonate well with my impression of the word ‘street’

I find this sort of thing very difficult indeed. I can visualize but it usually ends up very wierd and deflated. well that is ok as we are supposed to work in conjunction with our personal response to the word.

So what do I think when I think of streets? Lonliness and depression. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. maybe its all the black and gray. this should fit in with Smart quite well. I tend to see street Kids and homelessness and citydrones. maybe I just worked too long in the city. I also see hos and drugs. then I move into street art which is much more fun and something I enjoy (yes I do believe it is free expression – no I do not like tagging) but is quite out of my league. I experimented with it when I was 12 and 13 like everyone but I don’t really have the knack (I was better at bubble writing)

I also think of Heinlein and his rolling roads.

I think this work needs to be fairly simple to lend impact. especially as I have to do it twice! So what aspect do I focus on?

oh ye gods, this folio is due in a week and I have two commissions due as well! Eeek!

2 thoughts on “Street.

  1. You are forgetting the most important, most symbolic, most iconic, street in the history of everything. Sesame Street!
    It’s a pity Avenue Q is an Avenue…

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