Boy this was a hard one! we had to do a self portrait reflected in water. my main issue was finding a suitable receptacle to hold the water in. I tried a stainless steel bowl – no good, too shiny. Tried a white bowl – no good too… well.. white I tried it anyway testing watercolors, pastels and a mix of the two. nothing was really working finally settled on a matte gray noodle bowl and pastels for it. I sort of wonder if I should have done something more way out but I tried a few and nothing felt right so I worked out a more realist approach with a slight expressionist bend. I am not thrilled with it but I dont hate it either – I hurt way to much to try again. I had a couple of faints yesterday that unfortunately had me hitting the floor a couple of times so I am pretty wrecked. Unfortunately if I faint once from the pain it only makes it worse and I faint more often. it was just bad luck, Liam caught me a few times but there were 2 or 3 times (i forget) when I just crashed. but I need to do my assignments!! no rest for the wicked.

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