My own thing

I have been very slack at working on my own projects lately. I have been working on assignments so assiduously that there has been little time for anything else. well, today I decided to work on my own stuff. I have had something cooking in my head for a little while now (based on the body in space assignment I did last SP) so I sarted work on that. it is pretty large and done in pallette knife – so far the most complex PK one I have done. It has real motion and an interesting feel – I think it wil be a good Decorator piece. It is not done yet, it needs to dry before I can add more high and low lights but you can get a good idea of the WIP.

I also needed to finish my musician painting (FINALLY!) so I worked on him. he in finally finished and I feel as though I have finished a real labor of love. he is fully layered and the most realist painting I have done in a long time. I am pleased with him but I am also just pleased to be finished – he has been mocking me on my wall for ages!!

The photographs are terrible – I had well and truly lost the light by the time I was done! I will re-take them tomorrow.

I am very sore but glad that I have gotten a chance to do it Myyy Waaaayyyy!

sorry. I am tired, sore and have been listening to musicals (what a surprise!)

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