Have a holly jolly Christmas!

ok, its what I am listening to right now. don’t pick on me! I am currently waiting for a cheesecake to set before I start on the next one. I have all of the layers prepared for the next cheesecake so it will be much easier and faster – just cooking times really and decoration – not to mention the ages it takes to press the base! I also have nut tarts to make and cookies to ice.

Its true that wherever you feel love it feels like Christmas! (next song)

I haven’t really made it back into the studio with all the cooking going on so I am taking my creativity out on cooking and wrapping. I love wrapping, it makes everything feel more like christmas, and they complete the tree which is probably my very special favorite part of Christmas! our wrapping theme this year is red and gold and matches the table theme. yes I am sad.

Tomorrow Christmas really starts for us so this will probably be my last chance to blog between family events, cooking and traveling!

Speaking of the tree, here is a simple photographic series based on our tree and the pretty effects the lights make! It is in a corner and the lights reflect beautifully, it is quite inspiring really.

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