Abstracted Portraits

Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

So, now Christmas is over it is back to the grind with homework. I am behind as I have been focussing on cooking! Just before Christmas I did a couple of pieces of Dad that I discussed in an earlier post. I may revisit them later as I think it is a cool way to do abstraction. These were done on a warped grid – I may re-do the first one. The last portraiture assignments are quite difficult but a lot of fun to do. I have never done anything like them before.

after a number of false starts (and a pretty cool impasto piece that I will keep anyway) I settled on Pastels and the eventual abstracted portrait of Liam. the key here was to draw four separate angles and work them into the same image – then to work them all together into a piece. I really like the final result. I used very traditional pastel painting techniques for the individual portraits but the contemporary abstraction gives the picture a really interesting look. I also felt I have been working in Black and white for too long and needed to work in color before I forget how to reproduce skin-tones entirely! I think the eventual result is very cool. weird. disconcerting, but still pretty cool.

The next and final portraiture assignment is to take a famous portrait and take it through two changes. this is pretty complicated to think of. I have been considering Caravaggio’s Jesus and turning him black or female. mmm controversial…

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