Christmas was BRILLIANT! it isn’t over yet for us as we have more family events tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing my Aunt and Cousins. Christmas Eve saw us at Mornigton with my Step brothers and sisters and mom and her husband Bryan. we had a really great time and much chatting. I almost cried wen mom opened my present to her, it was the portrait of the Vietnamese Musician and she was so thrilled, she was almost speechless (which for my mother is a rarity!) I will cherish the memory forever – the look of sheer delight on her face was perfect. They have put him up in the ‘bay room’ which is the one they spend evenings in watching TV.

Christmas day I was cooking all day for Liam’s family dinner which I have been going on about for ages now. we had a really nice time chatting with Dad who came over early to help out with the preparations. cooking went very smoothly and I even had time for a quick bath and to make myself presentable for everyone. The dinner went beautifully. everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I was especially happy to see dad fit in so well. Every recipe was a gem and the food was all delicious (even if I say so myself) the turkey was moist and the glaze tart, the ham looked just like the one in the book and tasted wonderful. I really liked the salads too. I cooked waaaaay too much food but everyone had plenty of helpings and really seemed to enjoy themselves. I am hoping it can become a bit of a tradition – I loved doing it all and I was so happy with everyones reactions, they were so surprised with their gifts and thrilled, it gave me a really warm feeling inside.

all in all it was a perfect Christmas!

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