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Finished! Finally. this was a very complicated work in the end. the texture is very high and the entire painting was completed with Palette knife I used a particularly small one. I am quite happy with it – it is dark and brooding. The suggestion of the hands and face turned out quite well in the end.

The photo is appalling, my current black has a very high sheen to it and I have to varnish it before i can take a proper photo so you cant get in really close to the detail unfortunately. The texture and the shifting tones are what make this piece- not the detail itself.

I have started on another piece and will submit my WIP photo soon.

I have received another HD on my latest folio but I am worried about the next assignments, they may end up bringing my grade down. My tutor particularly liked my portraiture work – and my critiques!

One thought on “Vaulted

  1. I like all of your artwork; it just seems to continue to move after you’ve put down the brush. This one I like the most. I love the color and there’s so much to see.
    Posted by jaynedarcy at 23:17 Wednesday May 19, 2006

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