Obsessive Pen Work





Images by Jennie (c).

These are part of my mapping assignment. I admit that I had an enormous problem with these. at first I thought I needed to do some plein air works. then I read the instructions more closely and realized that I needed to map sections of my site but to focus on certain things like color or texture. I did a whole lot of drafts, going back to things like landscape design and structuring an isometric draft from a plan view, but each of them seemed too pedestrian, too predictable.

So, I started playing with different techniques and looked at maps and things online. and random thought of using pen and ink. from there, in my visual diary, I used my aquarelles to bring up the botanical elements. By separating the man-made elements and botanical elements by color I am focussing on color and texture. I like the final look even though my hands are aching from the crazy pen work!! I still don’t know if I have fulfilled the requirements of the assignment but I need to move on. The next one requires creating a work (based on the site) with a large fold-out map. I can have it as the ground and paint on it, or collage it or a combination.

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