Map as Ground

Map as Ground
Image by Jennie (c). I am avoiding doing my next assignment… This is my most recent. the requirement was to create an image of the site (our backyard) using a large fold out map as the ground. I decided to echo the composition in my pen studies and keep the man=made elements in white. The texture on the map lent itself well to constructing the trees. from there it was a really simple move to decide to create a collage. I decided that texture was key in the collage so it is quite 3D. It is kind of cool but a little bland.

My next assignment is to use non art materials to create a work based on ‘Domestic space’. For this one I have a list of materials I can use with the option to use as many or a few that I want. In a random brainstorm I emerged into the concept of the modern idea of a super woman. The kind we all feel we need to be. Now I am wondering if I should decide on something simpler. I have been looking at magazines and junk mail for images of ‘the perfect woman’ all to construct a pattern or a kit for a modern ‘super woman’ Now I am thinking I have strayed way too far from the topic and that I should reel it in. plus it involves collage and would probably be a little pedestrian.

I thought of creating a ‘desperate housewives’ kit (even though I don’t watch the show..) with a large zucchini I have in the fridge but every idea I had regarding it is a little pedestrian too. funny, but pedestrian. actually, my main worry with that idea is more that I would be constructing a composition but not really working with the materials – just putting together a photo. I don’t think that is the point of the assignment.

I might just assemble my kit and muck with it. The next one is the same theme but I get to choose my own kit. after that is my own theme and my own kit but I have to make sure I communicate my theme clearly – I already have an idea for that one, I just need to get the materials.

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