Family Dinner

I finally worked out what to do for my non art materials product. Part of the kit involved family photos and thread. The topic was ‘Domestic Space’ So, I needed to think about what Domestic space means to me. For me its always about the kitchen. the kitchen is the heart of the family, a gathering place and a place where wonderful things are made that bring us all together. so I thought about it and the symbol for all of this became an apron.

From there is was pretty easy to decide to make the apron out of family photos selected from my iPhoto library. Selecting the photos was good fun and I, yet again, relished my photographic printer which does beautiful work.

From there I shuffled them around and pinned them together before stitching them together like a patchwork. I didn’t back them onto a piece of paper or anything as it was not allowed in the kit. I like the final result, it has a bit of meaning and is an elegant solution to the challenge.

I have no idea what I am going to do for the next one!

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