Shopping Addiction

This work is in response to the challenge of using non-art materials to create a piece where the materials and final product reflect the meaning. The kit I used were household pins, scissors, branded suit bags and branded shopping bags. The meaning is the importance we attach to labels and the addiction many women have to shopping (including myself). It is a shallow pursuit of labels and of satisfaction for owning them. So, rather than a dress with a label, this is a dress made from labels. Well, the explanation comes across much better than the explanation.

I am very happy with this piece. it not only looks plausible as a gown, but it actually is. if it were lined it would be wearable (carefully – like much couture really). I had this in my head as soon as I heard about the challenge but creating the gown was more challenging. thankfully I found a dressmaking dummy for a good price and forming the gown on it made the work proceed faster and better. I think it would be best if it could stand on its own, empty, to signify many of the people who attach so much to labels but I would need to make an armature and physically I just cant do that right now. its a pity – that would be the perfect finish.

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