I have been concerned about reconciling my work to the art world. Currently hyperrealism is in and my personal style doesn’t mesh with that. Having worked so hard to develop my personal style I don’t want to surrender it in an effort to maximize my marketability. I can paint photorealism but I prefer the style I have built now. None the less, I have worried about losing sales and representation due to not fitting in with the fashion.

I have read a couple of really good things lately that have helped vindicate my standpoint. Mark Kostabi wrote in his column that stylistically ‘anything goes’ and that believing in your work and being passionate about it is key. that people will be sold on passion and sincerity and a connection to the work rather than ongoing fashion.

My observations have told me that the classic topics never go out of style and that people will forever be interested in the human condition. This is my justification for working in nudes anyway. I am passionate about people and the human body. I think being true to myself is the key to my own success. all the money in the world won’t make me happy if I am not doing work I am passionate about.

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