I am working on a new painting at the moment, it is based on a photograph of Breana I took on an off chance. Its more contemporary rather than classical but I am enjoying the feeling that is starting to emerge. I haven’t had a whole lot of strength lately as the examination last week took a lot out of me and the MRI this week was very hard on my physically as well. I passed out after it and wound up in a hospital bed for a while. I was prepared for the noise and the coffin-like tube but not the vibrations! Mostly I resent all of this as it means less time painting!

I have a couple of things on the move which are very exciting but I am worried about jinxing the opportunities! I am frequently irrationally worried about jinxing good things – I don’t like talking about things that aren’t completely set in stone.. it’s silly I know but thats the way I am.

I am going away over easter to an SCA event so a lot of my physically capable time is spent sewing garb to keep us dressed. I am looking forward to it, I’ll have some great photographic opportunities and painting chances. I am hoping to get some life drawing and some period painting in which will be a lot of fun. good for my technique too – its never too late to work on technique.. I have found that having a great grounding in technique, color blending and anatomy has allowed me to know what rules to break. In Australian Artist last month one artist mentioned that creativity can really happen when your technique is second nature. This works with my experiences as well.

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