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Image by Shag (c). I went to see a wonderful opening last night at Outre Gallery in Melbourne. Shag is a wonderful artist who has really hit it off in the last few years. His work is typified by pop-art imagery, highly geometric, strong composition and evocative of all that wonderful imagery of the 509s and 60s. I personally love it. especially when he adds random elements of the absurd like aliens and monsters. His use of color and line is superb especially.

The Opening was Packed full of people. generally people dressed as ‘characters’ from his work, I have never seen so many 60s dresses and bouffants in my life! The gallery was so full noone could see the original paintings or move except in the general direction everyone else was. it was a reasonably dangerous for someone short and disabled to be! I kept getting stepped on and knocked, it was most painful.

So I beat my way to the door, miserable, wishing I had never dragged poor Liam out on such a cold night. he was parking the car and I was going to tell him to just take me home and apologize profusely for wasting his time. I waited outside, looking at the works in the window and the press of people through the window… And several hours later was still there having a great time! it turns out that the real party was outside where I got to talk to some fantastic people about interesting things and even got to wax artistic for a while with Shag himself (who didn’t seem to enjoy the press of people either as he was outside most of the night as well). At about 9:30 I got to go inside and view the ground level works in peace with other enthusiasts who were there for the art rather than the experience.

It is really inspiring to see such a successful artist in one of his natural habitats. Shag was signing autographs, having photos taken with his works all with a great smile and a comfortable disposition. He has a fan following, a wonderful wife and is an international star, A celebrity of the art world. It is just inspiring to see that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too, I am enormously glad I attended the opening.

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3 thoughts on “Shag at Outre Gallery

  1. i just checked out some of Shag’s work. it’s really funky. (that’s the first word that came to my head). Are they paintings? Acrylic? Oils??? I couldn’t really tell from the prints. Would’ve been cool to meet him – he looks like he would be fun to talk to.
    Ah…the joys of living in melbourne. It’s like culture central down there compared to Bris…

  2. He was really cool actually, I enjoyed talking to him, he was quite shy.

    His original paintings are in Acrylic and Vinyl paint on board. He also makes a killing in Print sales (his works translate so well to print media).
    Posted by Jennie Rosenbaum(www) at 1:03 Monday May 25, 2006

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