Art Melbourne 06

Art Melbourne 06 previously known as the Affordable art show has been and gone once more. I enjoyed it more this year, it was less crowded, the booths were set further apart and there were some really interesting galleries displaying. I was able to talk with quite a few galleries and artists about the works and picked up some leads.

I think one of the best reasons to go, however, is to see trends that seem to be developing. Last year the represented works involved many hyper realist still lifes and pseudo Jeffery Smart urban landscapes as well as many traditional representational art such as seascapes and bush scenes in gilt frames. This year I saw more organic and contemporary pieces. very few traditional works and several more contemporary nudes than last year. This bodes well for me. Frameless appears to be fashionable as well with wide profile canvasses, neatly finished off.

I am feeling quite inspired although I have a lot of work to do. I have some website work to do, and I need to move on some more marketing. My mailing list will be up and coming soon, thankyou to all the wonderful people who have joined (if you haven’t yet you can join here. It will not be a high traffic list but I will be sending out information on where you can buy my work, exhibitions, news etc. If anyone knows of a good mailing list manager I am having difficulty finding a good one.

I am looking forward to getting back to painting too. I want to experiment with color some more and variations on my turps washing technique. I also want to do more period paintings (I have some lovely subjects begging to be painted). I need to paint badly and will probably get some done tomorrow.

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