Image by Jennie (c).

I decided to take a break from my serious royal piece. I had gone out on Friday and purchased some sexy new canvasses just crying out for creation. on the car ride back this image came to mind and it excited me so much I could barely wait to unwrap the canvas!

Some of you will recognize the style as one I used for the four faces painting late last year. I have been interested in working with bold, simple lines, classic, almost calligraphy shapes and simple beauty or, the beauty in simplicity. There is something very pure and exciting about working in strong elegant lines. every line needs to count, to tell a story. It is expressive and bold.

I ended up on a huge art high after this painting, I am happy with it. it is almost sculptural and very strong. This technique is a kind of reverse impasto technique. I haven’t seen it anywhere else but I love the strength in it. you have to work very hard to make every line precise but they also need to be fast and strong. I will be doing some more pieces in this technique, I am thinking of showing a series in this style as I enjoy it so much. its almost like drawing but with a painterly and sculptural aspect. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. I really like it, those lines have something elusive about them, like a Moebius strip. It’s kind of dynamic but solid.

    In your thumnail picture, the shrunken head and mismatched arms bother me, but in the big version, they don’t. Hmm.
    Posted by David Golding(www) at 17:31 Sunday June 21, 2006

  2. Hey Jennie

    I like your comparing those lines to calligraphy. Reminds me of an observation I recently made that some Tengwar (the Tolkien Elvish Letters) could be utilised in drawing simplistic nudes (lots of busts and bums). Those randy elves!
    Posted by Daniel(www) at 12:04 Sunday June 22, 2006

  3. I remember having a conversation with you along those lines Daniel, I remember you demonstrating the Tengwar nudes to me 🙂

    Hi Dave, I agree, they bothered me in the thumbnail and during execution (especially the arms) but when it was done I looked at it and the oddities seemed to make it more endearing rather than less.. I think anyway 😀
    Posted by Jennie Rosenbaum(www) at 22:23 Monday June 22, 2006

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