Royal Portrait WIP – Stage 2

Worked almost entirely on the queen yesterday (and a bit on the background but it’s still really boring- I’m doing royal purple curtains. it’s a really bad photo too as I am having some difficulties with the Melbourne light in my studio – My camera doesn’t handle low light well. I brought up some of her features with some darker touches. She has a really unusual coloring, very dark hair, very dark eyes but very pale and slightly bluish skin.Combined with her smooth face and animation while talking she is going to be quite a challenge. I think she is coming along. I will bring up the softness and the milkyness in the next few glazes and hopefully more character will start to appear. I also have some other photos for reference but I may make another sketch of her soon to get further referents. Tomorrow I will do some work on the Kings face and possibly still more on the queen.

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