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See, I knew all those wasted hours being addicted to America’s Next Top Model would be worth something! It seems I am learning (finally) how to take tolerable photos.

I needed to do up some shots for some promotional materials and my website. it seems silly to do but I need them around. Liam and I had a good time playing with poses- I hate taking photos, I tend to freeze at the last moment so we had to keep me laughing to keep it fresh.

I have a few full length ones in my painting shirt (just my painting shirt-its what I paint in – I don’t see the point of getting paint all over my clothes!) but I get worried about them, one of the things I have been told is that appearance can help sell an artist, in the old vein of ‘sex sells’ but I tend to wonder how much is too much. if I should be edgy and go for it, or be a little more conservative. I know my personality, and I know how I dress normally, but I am not sure if that is a good thing for this stage of my career. and then I think, its a good way to get noticed!

Maybe the trick is to be who I am in style. be comfortable in who I am and be confident to be myself and the best I can be.

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