Baronial Portrait – Stage 1


Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

The initial stage in my next flemish technique painting. This is the outline layer where I map in the outline before sealing it with varnish and applying an imprimatura. I like the shapes in this one so far, it has interesting angles and shades so it should be less static.

I thought about adding background figures in but I think it would detract from the subjects. I am not much one for backgrounds.

It’s odd because this technique uses lots of small stages where you only work for a short time, building up layers. Luckily I have other things on the go.. I am building a new body for this show coming up. and I have another one coming up soon too so I need to start looking into works for it too! I’ve just finished a work I’ve been working on all week, its my biggest ever and I am quite happy with it.

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