Thoughts on this Series

I finished up a piece last night and started another. Now that I am working in the one technique for this upcoming show I have had a few thoughts..

Each piece is a bit more refined than the next. I am really warming to this technique and am learning as I go on different ways of controlling the light and shade and creating different feelings and effects. I am feeling good about the works I am producing. they all stand on their own as completely unique, but when taken as a group I think they will present a cohesive body of work.


I think I am getting a little too tight. the piece I finished tonight was refined down to pure line and tone. It has a simplicity that is quite enjoyable. but when I look back to the first couple of pieces I did in this technique, Redhead and Ugly, they are raw, powerful, loose, almost messy. That is part of the energy of the works and part of the eye catching nature of them. I am not sure if these works tonight are as emotive.

but do they need to be? does everything have to be emotionally powerful? does it have to explode in the viewers minds? one of my criteria for a great work is emotive quality. but, when you think of them all in a room, do you want every one hitting you with a very loud voice? or are the subtler works oases of peace in a room of emotion?

I don’t know..

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