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This painting evolved naturally with distortions. I actually really like it. stylistically it has interesting curves and shapes. it is almost pop art in a way.

So how did it evolve this way you ask? very simple really, I’ve been thinking lately about some of my influences after a recent book came out. One of my biggest influences has been Dan DeCarlo, ever since I was quite young. This seems odd because he was mostly a comic artist, but I read a lot of comic books.

Dan DeCarlo was best known for his wonderful renditions of Betty and Veronica in the Archie comics. His work centered around idealistic females with amazing curves and a wonderful take on a wholesome but ravishing image. His shapes are classic with a wonderful pin-up girl image that influenced me in a number of ways.

I found the shapes and curves and the interrelations of his shapes fascinating, but I also loved the combination of sexy, wholesome women. I can honestly say that Dan DeCarlo specifically and Archie comics generally are responsible for a lot of my images of beauty, my sexuality and a lot of my dress sense and behavior as well!

This painting didn’t start out to be a tribute to Dan DeCarlo, it evolved this way when I picked a pose I wanted to paint. He had been on my mind because of a recent book release and my influence evolved strongly from my subconscious thought. I feel it works with this series because of the relation between DeCarlo’s images and my own body image and perception of Beauty.

I bet you didn’t know I was an Archie fan right? I am still trying to get Archie Vs Punisher but I have many other rare ones. but I wont sell them – I love them too much!

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