WIP Baronial Portrait – Stage 2


originally uploaded by minxdragon.

This is the final tonal stage before moving into the color layers. I did the imprimatura in raw sienna to add warmth then toned in raw Umbre and ultramarine. Ultramarine isn’t strictly period but some of my research intimates that it might have been a practise. it certainly makes sense. I used it for toning the blacks as well as toning the whites for a nice undertone.

So far I think this is evolving well. the trick will be to keep the character and resemblance through the color layers. I will be doing this by thinly glazing transparent colors. I hope it continues well because I am feeling good about this so far. all of the textile practice I have been doing is certainly paying off!

The main thing working against me is time.. I have to have this ready a week from saturday. That’s finished and dried!

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