Wot I learnded..

It turns out that the exhibition took much more out of me than I thought, I have moved back to square one again and have been unable to even do my basic walking.. I hate that even the slightest exertions make me worse. Anyway, I am coming a bit better and figured it would be a good ideal to re-cap what I learned from my first exhibition experience.

  • Galleries who hang your work for you are worth their weight in gold.
  • Trusting the professionals to do their job is worth it
  • Make sure you are comfortable in working with the people you are exhibiting with
  • Edges should be worked on as you go, not all at once in a horrible fit of wet paint and pain
  • all time spent marketing is worth it
  • take it easy as much as possible before the exhibit
  • let the people you are exhibiting with do their own price lists or put a moratorium in last minute price and name changes on the day of the exhibition
  • Sailor Moon is excellent watching when you are very sore and weak.
  • And last but not least..

  • Springvale road is never a good option in the evening

I think that is it for now.. I am going to rest some more and watch Sailor Moon..

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