What to do..

I can’t believe it was a week ago already! it feels alternately like yesterday and 100 years ago.. I still don’t feel quite recovered physically, but my mind never sleeps so I thought I would relate some of my plans forward and what I do when I can’t actually get into the studio.

I am planning a solo show using my white impasto series which I am quite excited about. The works at the recent group show were all highly personal in nature and quite tonal. The next series looks at being an evolution further into color and line with a more positive aspect – reflecting my positive change in attitude and my desire to move forward with my new life. I also want to experiment further with color and getting more adventurous with composition and angles. I am not done with the techniques I used in the group show but I want to change tack for a while, loosen up and get into some color!

When I am stuck like this and I can’t get into all the exciting images going through my head I have to get them out somehow.. or I end up looking glassily at things and going crazy! Its times like this that I love my little visual diary by the bed. I sketch my ideas, white down show ideas and more, it enables them to be refined and to clear out of my brain so I can function again.. I also think up blog posts.. Like this one!

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