It’s all about Nudity

Jessica Lyons at Art Business News writes about the growing market for Nudes in Selling Sensuality

“Buyers are sophisticated and more likely to be informed about styles in art nowadays,” says Cincinnati-based artist Eileen Bloustein, who uses watercolor, oil, charcoal, clay, paper and metal to create nudes. “There seems to be no prevailing style and no nude style more popular than any others. Expressionists, minimalists, realists depict the nude form. The very personal and intimate nature of the subject almost guarantees that the work be seen as art and not as illustration.”

Interestingly, this article discusses only the female nude, I wonder if that is because there is more market for female nudes, more interest in female nudes, more issues surrounding female nudes or just very little exploration of the male nude? (or because the male nude just isn’t as pretty?)
I was particularly drawn by this quote:

In his early years, Gardani, an artist born in Quito, Ecuador, who paints “magic realism” nudes, spent time in the hospital following an accident. “While healing,” he says, “I was surprised at how marvelous the human body heals and returns to its own natural state. With this admiration, and always being in love with forms, shapes, light and shadow, I started to study architecture, where I began to understand that the most perfect form is the human body.”

Which sounds somewhat familiar. I always had an interest in the nude and life drawing, starting life drawing classes at 14 at the National Gallery of Victoria, however the accident really brought it home to me how significant our bodies really are, how, beautiful, fragile, strong and creative. While I have gained a whole new set of body issues, I feel that I have a deeper connection to my body and also a greater appreciation for the many different facets that comprise the human nude form.

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