The Internet is really really great.. for What?

The net has not been my friend this week. My site is still down because of server upgrades and Telstra Bigpond have had a huge outage and my net is only just come back up.. and my eBay account got hacked! 🙄 apparently I wanted to sell tons of iPods and change my email address 10 times. anyway. it’s all being handled. eBay’s account theft handling is convoluted but it works.

anyway, I have net back, I am currently redirecting my domain to my Boundless Gallery website and my paintings have already been delivered to my purchasers in the states! anyway, this non net time has been great for getting some things done. my press release is looking good and my newsletter is almost done. I have finished two of the paintings in my backlog and am feeling very creative.. I can’t wait to start on the next ones! Liam and I spoke to the guys at Dynamic tattoo about our ideas and they will be working up a custom. I am really looking forward to it. something about decorating myself with art just seems to right.

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