Opening Post Mortem

100_3329.JPG Last night was so great, the show looked fantastic, it had a great vibe. I think the main difference, for me, was that I felt much more confident in my collection. Seeing my paintings up there, the results of all my work, made me feel so good. I knew I had done my best, each work stood on it’s own, and made a cohesive collection. That confidence in my work, and myself, enabled me to talk to people, and schmooze. From there, the passion for my work just took over really.. It was an awesome night everyone really seemed to like the new series – which is good, because I enjoyed doing them! David Golding has written a wonderful review – Thanks Dave!

I am exhausted now, very sore, but I am looking forward to Sunday.

Don’t forget, if you missed the opening last night there will be the big music festival on Sunday. I will be there at the gallery between 1 and 3 or stop by any time over the next 3 weeks.. it’s all good.

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