Sculpting Sexuality

Telegraph | Entertainment | How lust shaped the art of Rodin

Rodin-Andromeda To eyes accustomed to the conventions of beaux-arts classicism, the sculpture was shocking because it peeled off a layer of artifice to show the human body as it really is, not as his viewers expected to see it. From now on, Rodin would translate as directly as possible into clay what his eye saw and, in the sensuously tactile surfaces of his work, what his hand felt when he caressed the bodies of his female models.

Many of you know by now that I am a fan of Rodin’s work. I thought this was a fascinating look into his processes and thoughts behind his work. I never realized how much we had in common! I think that Rodin’s work is the type that evolves as you look at it, as though the piece is an organic structure. I find something new to love about them.

It’s funny, there is a lot about artist sexuality out there. Like religious leaders and rock stars, artists generally fall into one of two abnormal sexuality levels – too much or too little. Another famous example example of extreme sexuality would be Dali and his notorious sex parties.

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