I’m Nude in New York!

Well, my work is anyway. It’s a very naked depiction of myself, very raw. This is a small scale work I did in response to a show in New York requesting small pieces on paper. It is a self portrait based on an sketch I made during some pain soaked night. I don’t remember making the sketch but it appeared in my book and freaked me out so I decided to expand on it.

This isn’t pretty, it has several meanings, most of which should be pretty obvious. it’s the first self portrait I have done in years and isn’t representational so much as psychological. I did several small scale works for potential inclusion in the NY show but ended up choosing this one. I could have gone with something subtler but I thought, ‘hey, this is New York, It’s my first international show I am going to put in something raw and really personal and striking.’ This could be a good idea or a stupid idea but I would rather stand out with something like this than blend in with a safe nude.

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